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Microsoft files patent for possible taskbar replacement

method for managing windows in a display?would sound particularly familiar to every Windows user as 搕hat strip at the bottom of the screen with the Start button and clock?or perhaps the more formal name, the taskbar. On July 12 the Patent Office processed a patent application from Microsoft filed on the 9th of February, 2006 of what appears to be a possible alternative for the decade-old taskbar we all know and cherish in Windows.

Time and time again, Windows enthusiasts have jumped on the idea of replacing the taskbar in the 憂ext?version of Windows as one of the most revolutionary user interface changes Microsoft can make. For Windows Vista (Longhorn), the center of attention was the sidebar before undergoing major feature-reduction surgery in 2005 - a lot of people fantasized about how the sidebar could become the taskbar replacement, however that soon worn-off.



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