nVIDIA BIOS Editorv4.3 - nVIDIA显卡BIOS编辑工具

2008年7月13日 编辑:Vista之家 - Mary Jane 人气: 评论:0

Vista之家www.vista123.com):nVIDIA BIOS Editorv4.3 - nVIDIA显卡BIOS编辑工具


We have has just released a new version of NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) software. NiBiTor is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, and which is updated on a regular basis. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts, or the hardcore overclockers to have full control over some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards. Doing so users gain some extra performance, enable certain hidden features, tweak memory latencies, provide extensive information, adapt bootup settings, change fan speed options and/or get extra stability on the NVIDIA based graphics accelerators.

Main features

  • Detailed BIOS information output
    • Device ID
    • BIOS Version
    • BIOS Date
    • Vendor
    • Core/Memory Clock display
      • 2D Core/Memory Clock
      • 3D Core/Memory Clock
      • Throttling Core/Memory Clock
      • Geo Delta Clock
    • Core Voltage display
      • 2D Voltage
      • 3D Voltage
      • Throttling Voltage
    • Memory Timings display
      • Detailed Timings Feature
      • AutoSelect/Test Timings Feature
    • Product Identification
  • Ability to modify the several BIOS Parameters
    • Core Clock defined within the BIOS
    • Memory Clock defined within the BIOS
    • Core Voltage defined within the BIOS
    • Memory Timings defined within the BIOS
    • Temperature Settings defined within the BIOS
    • Fan Speed Settings defined within the BIOS
  • Specific Boot Settings
    • Graphics Card OEM and Advanced Signon Message
    • Monitor Specific Parameters
    • Graphics Card Initiation Settings
    • TV Mode Selection (NTSC/PAL)
  • Ability to check BIOS Integrity
    • BIOS Checksum Checking
    • BIOS Structure Checking

Supported BIOSes:
Nvidia PCI-E 9800 GX2
Nvidia PCI-E 9800 GTX
Nvidia PCI-E 9600 GSO
Nvidia PCI-E 9600 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 9500 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 Ultra
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 GTX
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 GTS G92
Nvidia PCI-E 8800 GTS
Nvidia PCI-E 8600 GTS
Nvidia PCI-E 8600 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 8600 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 8500 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 8400 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 7950 GX2
Nvidia PCI-E 7900 GX2
Nvidia PCI-E 7950 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 7900 GTX
Nvidia PCI-E 7900 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 7800 GTX
Nvidia PCI-E 7800 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 7800 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 7600 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 7600 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 7300 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 7300 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 7300 LE
Nvidia PCI-E 7300 SE/7200 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 6800 Series GPU
Nvidia PCI-E 6800 GS
Nvidia PCI-E 6800 XT
Nvidia PCI-E 6800
Nvidia PCI-E 6800 XE
Nvidia PCI-E 6800 LE
Nvidia PCI-E 6600 GT
Nvidia PCI-E 6600
Nvidia PCI-E 6610 XL
Nvidia PCI-E 6600 LE
Nvidia PCI-E 6500
Nvidia PCI-E 6200 TC
Nvidia PCI-E 6200 LE
Nvidia PCI-E FX5900
Nvidia PCI-E FX5750
Nvidia PCI-E FX5300
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX3700
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX 570
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX3450/4000 SDI
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX4500
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX1400
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX1300
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX560
Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX540
Nvidia AGP 7950 GT
Nvidia AGP 7900 GS
Nvidia AGP 7800 GS
Nvidia AGP 7600 GT
Nvidia AGP 7600 GS
Nvidia AGP 7300 GT
Nvidia AGP 6800 Ultra
Nvidia AGP 6800 GT
Nvidia AGP 6800 GS (BR02)
Nvidia AGP 6800 GS
Nvidia AGP 6800 XT
Nvidia AGP 6800
Nvidia AGP 6800 LE
Nvidia AGP 6600 GT
Nvidia AGP 6600
Nvidia AGP 6600 LE
Nvidia AGP 6600 A- LE
Nvidia AGP 6200
Nvidia AGP FX5950 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5900 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5900
Nvidia AGP FX5900 XT
Nvidia AGP FX5900 ZT
Nvidia AGP FX5800 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5800
Nvidia AGP FX5700 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5700
Nvidia AGP FX5700 LE
Nvidia AGP FX5700 VE
Nvidia AGP FX5600 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5600
Nvidia AGP FX5600 XT
Nvidia AGP FX5500
Nvidia AGP FX5200 Ultra
Nvidia AGP FX5200
Nvidia AGP FX5100
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX5500
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX4000
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX3400/4400
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX3500
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX3000
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX2000
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX1100
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX1000
Nvidia AGP Quadro FX700
Nvidia C51G 6100
Nvidia 8800M GTX
Nvidia 8700M GT
Nvidia 8600M GT
Nvidia 8400M
Nvidia 7950 GTX Go
Nvidia 7900 GTX Go
Nvidia 7900 GS Go
Nvidia 7800 GTX Go
Nvidia 7800 Go
Nvidia 7600 Go
Nvidia 6800 Ultra Go
Nvidia 6800 Go
Nvidia 6600 Go
Nvidia 5600 Go
Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M
Nvidia  Quadro FX1600M
Nvidia Quadro FX1400 Go
Nvidia Quadro FX1000 Go

Changes in this Version

  • 增加对风扇速度的支持






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