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  Adobe将在07年春季的晚些时候发布新的Adobe 版本。 但是,并不表示,现在的Photoshop等Adobe产品不支持现在最火热的Vista系统,Adobe日前发表的一份文件(PDF格式)表示,目前的CS2.0仅仅是不推荐运行在WindowsVista下面。主要原因是,Adobe InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2这些产品,在Windows Vista下安装有轻微的一些已知问题。Acrobat 7.0 Professional 则支持不支持Vista。

  Adobe计划周二在纽约推出新的Creative Suite 3 套装,官方高层管理人员说,这是Adobe历史上所发布的最大的产品套装。

  Adobe Creative Suite 3被设计成可以稳定运行在32位的Vista操作系统上的产品,支持Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate.,这个套装软件,同样可以运行在APPLE公司生产的Intel英特尔架构的Mac电脑上。



Adobe Systems, poised to release Creative Suite 3 later this spring, said it will not support Windows Vista on the current version.

The company released a document (PDF) earlier this month describing its operating systems support plans.

Running Creative Suite 2.0 on Windows Vista is "not recommended" and it will not update those products for Vista, Adobe said.

"While some of its components, including Adobe InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2, install and run under Windows Vista with only minor known issues, other components such as Acrobat 7.0 Professional do not support Windows Vista," according to the statement.

The company said that it is not aware of any major problems for people who want to run Creative Suite 2.3 on Vista.

Adobe is scheduled to launch Creative Suite 3 on Tuesday in New York. Company executives say it's the biggest product launch in Adobe's history.

Creative Suite 3 was designed to run on 32-bit versions of Windows Vista--Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. The suite will also run on Intel-based Macs.

In a recent interview with CNET News.com, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said Creative Suite 3 will not fully take advantage of the graphics capabilities in Vista, in part because of the uncertainty of Vista's shipping date.

"Another reason is, how many customers are really on Vista in the installed base, and is it worth the work, especially in the creative customers? And we have no desire to really showcase Microsoft's technology," Chizen said.

Adobe said that it is still testing Vista compatibility for Photoshop Lightroom, the company's photo-management application made available for pre-order in late January. There is one known problem burning CDs and DVDs. The company said it will evaluate whether to do an update for Vista.



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